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Privacy Policy

Users who visit our website through www.hibabyindia.com have one common concern and that is of their privacy. They want to know if the information that they provide us is safe or not. How the information is collected and what is done with that information? This section of Privacy Policy will clear all your doubts and give you detailed information on how we use your data.

Note: By visiting or using our website or by providing any information, you are agreeing to this Privacy Policy and our Terms and Conditions. In case, you don’t agree then please exit our website and do not share any information.

Modifying Privacy Policy: We make changes in the Privacy Policy time to time. The changes made in the policy will be made effective immediately. Thus, we suggest you to review the policy and make sure that you are using the latest version.

Collected Information: There are two types of information collected by us, personally identifiable and non-personally identifiable information.

Personally identifiable information makes us identify the specific end user through his activities on our website such as creating an account, submitting content, filling out a survey, or other information given to us. Your personal information may include your name, address, credit card details and phone number etc which we may require to deliver you your order. Such information is used by us to improve your website experience, improve our marketing and promotional efforts, to understand the user as a group, to perk up our customer services and so on. We may even use your email address to correspond with you, although, you can unsubscribe our emails at any time.

Non-Personally Identifiable Information is a type of information that is not specific to the end user. We may collect information related to URLs to find out which site you visited before landing to our page, the browser you are using or your IP address. This type of information is used by us to troubleshoot and administer the website. Know about latest trends and customers’ needs.

Release of Your Information: We will not sell, share or trade your Personally Identifiable Information. We will share your personal information only with authorized Third-party service providers as we provide some products through third-party. We may also need to share your details if required by the law or if in any case, it is necessary for any legal reasons. Although, we do share or disclose your non-personally identifiable information with partners, affiliates and advertisers. We use third-party service providers to analyze and track such data for us. Such data is collected for us and used by us.

Updating Information: You can change or edit your personally identifiable information anytime by just logging in to your account.

Data Tracking: The main source of data tracking is the use of “cookies”. We use cookies to customize your shopping experience on our website. These cookies will only save your time. We track a customer’s record and interest to find out what he must be looking for. These cookies also help us collect your non-personally identifiable information such as which website you visited or which link you clicked on. We may also use other industry standard technologies like pixel tags or web beacons to track your use of webpage and promotions.

Information Security: we make sure that your Personally Identifiable information remains secure. We use best data collection, storage and processing methods to protect your data against unauthorized access or alteration. We keep your personally identifiable information on our secure server which can only be accessed by some selected personnel. In case we need to share your personally identified information with the third-party then we do it under a confidentiality agreement where they agree that they will not share the information with anyone and neither misuse it.

Privacy Policy of Third-party Website: Other websites that can be accessed through our website have their own privacy policy and the privacy policy you are seeing here is only for Hi Baby India. We are not responsible for any third-party policies.

Advertising: Advertising that you can see on our site are may be there because of our advertising partners. These ads may use cookies. Our privacy poly doesn’t cover the cookies used by the advertisers.

Google Adsense: Some of the Ads are served by Google, thus you should definitely check its privacy policy for ads.

Privacy Issues: Minors are not allowed to use our websites. Those who are under 18 can take help from their parents or guardians to shop from our site.

Remove Your Information: If you are no more interested in receiving our emails, offers and promotional messages then you can opt-out from our service simply by emailing us or by removing your personally identifiable information.